Canyon Tree Farms

Lynn Jackson and her family produce all natural Black Angus beef on their farm based out of Fort St. James, B.C.

From their website:

We have been raising beef cows since 1996. These animals are raised naturally; they are fed grass, hay and grain only. Our animals receive vitamin A, D, E and selenium shots when they are born. Our animals never receive hormones, steroids or any type of medicated feed. Canyon Tree Farms has become a part of the Canadian Verified Beef Production Program – a dynamic program to uphold consumer confidence in the products and good practices of this country’s beef producers.
All of our sides are processed by Country Locker in Vanderhoof. We work closely with Country Locker to ensure that your wishes regarding your cutting instructions are fulfilled. The consistently high quality of our product has ensured not only a loyal clientele but an ever increasing clientele.

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Beef: sides, sausages, jerky, hamburgers, ground beef


Direct sale, Year-Round at Fort St. James Petrocan, May to Semptember at the Fort St. James Farmers Market, Delivery to Central Interior communities


Phone: (250) 996-8180 Fax: (250) 996-8001