Central Interior Flour

Known as DLK Prairie Investors and Central Interior Flour, Don Kippan and Linda Urquhart produce whole grains and flour on their farm and milling operation based out of Vanderhoof, B.C. Their business has grown in the since they began in 2009, and so has their year-round product line!

We buy our grain from local farmers that grow the grain for us. We clean the grain mill and package the flour on site. We mill it slowly to insure that all possible nutrients are in the flour. We add nothing to the flour and we take nothing out of the flour. The flour has only one ingredient on the bag, and that is the grain it is made from. We purchase all of our grain from B.C. farmers and suppliers. We offer farmers another avenue to produce a type of grain that suits their soil conditions and area, and so they can sell into a market looking for different grains.


Whole Wheat Flour, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour. Cornmeal, Rye Flour, Green and Yellow Pea Flour, Chickpea Flour, Soybean Flour. Sold in 2lb, 5lb, and 10lb bags.


Prince George Farmers’ Market, Vanderhoof Farmers’ Market, Fort St. James Farmers’ Market, Quesnel Farmers’ Market, Direct Sale. We gladly taken orders over the phone and meet customers wherever we maybe traveling to. We sell all year long from home. We also have our product in the Good Food Box in Prince George.


13124 Mapes Rd., Vanderhoof

(250) 570-1557 and (250) 570-1003