Joel Salatin’s Secrets to Beyond Organic Farming

Rockstar farmer and internationally renown speaker Joel Salatin is coming to town…virtually!

Join us as Joel hosts a series of day-long workshops in Calgary, streamed live to our local partner locations in Prince George, Vanderhoof, Smithers, and Terrace. A full professional production team in Calgary will be orchestrating the live web broadcast to allow superior video and sound quality along with live chat opions…yes, you can chat live with other participants, and if time permits, Joel himself.

March 20: You Can Farm

A unified team creating a shared vision from the ground up – sounds like a wonderful idea, sure, but how do you actually do it? No vague theorizing here – Joel starts from the nitty-gritty of “getting the team on the same bus” and “assigning seats” (determining roles and responsibilities).

You’ll get a full toolbox of practical how-to’s, ranging from creative land acquisition to permaculture-based production principles – for example, mutually supportive plant and animal relationships and effective composting for sustainably fertile soil. We’ll talk about farming like an entrepreneur, becoming your own middleman, and marketing to a diverse audience. And finally, we’ll take a look at what happens once your farm is solidly on its feet: how to build a trained cadre of employees, and how to create a lasting, profitable legacy for your children and grandchildren.

March 21: Pastured Poultry Profits

With one medical study after another proving the health benefits of eating poultry – and with one whistle-blower report after another proving the horrific factory conditions under which most chickens and turkeys are raised and slaughtered – Joel offers a tested and proven money-maker with his Pastured Poultry business model.

So in his Pastured Poultry presentation, Joel shows us how to build a thriving poultry farm from – as you might say – scratch: how to build a portable shelter for your chosen bird(s), how to pick the breed you need, and how to create safe environments in the brood-box and in the field. We’ll talk about economics – profit and loss for chickens versus turkeys, egg-layers versus broilers, parts versus whole birds – and how to figure price margins. And you’ll learn how to keep your birds healthy, happy, well-fed and well-protected from the egg to the killing cone.

March 22: Salad Bar Beef

Whether you’re a rancher already, or whether you’re eyeing the rich Alberta vistas with an eye to grazing, this part of the course seems ready-made to our region! Not only from the perspective of a profitable farm, but also from an environmental viewpoint: where conventional cattle-ranching can be a recipe for erosion and land degradation, Joel’s plan for raising Salad Bar Beef actually heals damaged land…so even starting as the Salatins did with a low-cost, low-quality property, you can wind up with lush, fertile pastures for gourmet beeves! How? By respecting the natural essence of the land and the animals.

And you’ll get all the how-to’s in this rich segment of the course. We’ll talk about landscape design, managing water and placing roads, and working with rough, wet, or rolling terrain. You’ll learn about permanent versus portable fencing, corrals and enclosures, herding and movement between pastures, winter housing and feeding, and grass-finishing before slaughter.You’ll even get tips on enhancing the salad bar and ensuring soil fertility with composting, manure management, and pigaerating. And yes, Joel looks at the practicalities of transforming beeves from live animals to gourmet meat -from grass-finishing to assuring comfort to dealing with adrenaline and enzymes after death – even tips for cooking (because Salad Bar Beef is what beef should be, say gourmet chefs – and unlike any beef you’ve had before)!

Registration Details

You can attend one, two, or all three workshops, which run from 7:30am – 3:30pm, at one of our local partner locations:

  • Prince George, hosted by Community Futures Fraser-Fort George, Location: UNBC, Bentley Centre
  • Vanderhoof, hosted by Community Futures Stuart Nechako. Location: 2750 Burrard Ave
  • Smithers, hosted by the Northwest Community College. Location: Room 125, 3966 2nd Ave
  • Terrace, hosted by Community Future 16/37. Location: 101 – 4734 Lazelle Avenue – note: only March 20th and 21st sessions are available in Terrace
  • Mackenzie, hosted by the Mackenzie Chamber of Commerce. Location: College of New Caledonia, 540 mackenzie Blvd

Registration is free of charge. Seating is extremely limited. Lunch is the responsibility of the individual participants. Preference will be given to participants in the New Farm Development Initiative. Deadline to Register is March 12, 2013

To register, please contact Jillian Merrick, 250-562-9622 ext.115,

You can view more info about Joel and the workshop series at the Verge Permaculture website. To purchase copies of Joel’s books, visit Chelsea Green Publishing.