Northern Bioponics Ltd.

Matthias and Jutta Zapletal produces lettuce, mustard green, herbs and tilapia fish in his year-round aquaponic greenhouse in Prince George, B.C.

“Grown biological-organic in an aquaponic greenhouse. Based on the biological system no chemicals, synthetic fertilizers or pesticides can and will be used. The greenhouse is operated 12 month a year and is heated by solar and biomass. The system was built in 2010 with a test phase during winter2010/11. Full operation will be in the fall 2011. We will provide fresh and healthy vegetables locally grown for 12 month a year.”


Lettuce. Herbs, Strawberries, Tilapia (tasty freshwater fish – high in protein and low in saturated fats)


  • Every Saturday at the Prince George Farmer’s Market, 1074 6th Avenue, Prince George
  • Ave Maria,1638 20th Ave, Prince George
  • Home Sweet Home Grocery, 1185 3rd Ave, Prince George
  • Direct Sale/ Delivery if quantity justify the total price

+ enjoy the greens in several restaurants in town:


(250) 967-0277

Northern Bioponics

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