Regional Food System Report

Regional Food System Assessment & Opportunity Analysis

Executive Summary

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This report investigates and assesses the existing regional food system across the Highway 16 corridor from the Kitimat and Bulkley Valley in the west across to the Robson Valley in the east. The purpose is to identify opportunities for strategic collaboration in building a more effective marketing, storage and distribution system for the region. The report also analysed value chain opportunities which should be developed in order to strengthen the regional food economy.

Value Chain Opportunities

  1. Rio Tinto’s local procurement policy provides an excellent opportunity to facilitate the development of a Beef Value Chain by convening Rio Tinto’s economic development manager and food service contractor, local processors and producers with appropriate expertise, finishing capacity and volumes.   This is a potential $100,000/yr. opportunity.
  1. Build a local/sustainable menu that can be offered to hospitality and catering industry clients.   This request was brought forward during the course of this study by the hospitality and catering industry in Prince George but would be of interest to others across the region.  Potential value $150,000/yr across the region.
  1. Capitalise on the lessons learned with a Rio Tinto Beef Value Chain and establish similar linkages with other regional purchasers in order to increase the number of animals finished and processed within the region, thereby capturing maximum economic value.  Potential value to supplying 10% of the beef consumed is $3 million/yr.
  1. Coordinate communication of projected regional produce availability and prices early in the year in order to capture local bulk buying market(s).  Issue a weekly “Fresh Sheet” during the season.