Seasonal Availability


If you are looking to modify your diet or your menu to include more local and sustainable food products, understanding which farm products are available locally and when they are available is critical.

While the growing season in the north is relatively short, the days are long and the land is vast, making for abundant harvests. In order to sell their product outside of peak harvest times, when the markets are flooded with produce and prices are low, farmers have developed systems of cold storage that allow them keep their produce throughout the winter season.

Many products such as meat, honey, grains, apples, squash and various root crops are available throughout the year when properly stored. Expanding greenhouse capacity in the north has also extended that seasonal availability of perishable products such as salad greens and tomatoes.

To learn more about what’s in season, download our handy seasonal availability chart or consult your local farmer.

Download the Seasonal Availability Chart (392kb). (Mac users please use Adobe Reader)

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