Senden Agricultural Centre

The Senden Agricultural Centre is managed by the Upper Skeena development Society and produces vegetables in Hazelton, B.C. A root cellar and greenhouse extend the seasonal availability of produce.

From the website:

The Senden Centre is a new and exciting community development project of the Upper Skeena Development Centre in Hazelton, BC. Senden will provide a central site where community members can gain skills both for work and personal sustainability. It will be a centre for gathering, collaborating and learning both formally and informally. It will include a producing demonstration market garden, an approved commercial processing facility, vegetable cold storage and a retail outlet. 
Nestled at the base of 8,000 foot Stekyoden, Hazelton’s massive landmark mountain, a 52-year-old farmhouse sits on three peaceful acres which was once a thriving dairy farm. The centre is ideally located on the main road between New Hazelton and Hazelton. It is within walking distance to the local secondary school and college, on the main bus route, and on the community trail system that is used daily by many community members. 
For the past 20 years, the Upper Skeena region was anchored by a forest-based economy. With the loss of the local mill and rapid decline in the forest sector, the region has faced major challenges in re-establishing its economic stability. A recent labour market study identified agriculture as one of four key target areas for stimulating economic growth in the Hazeltons. There is a long history of agriculture production resulting from the unique micro-climate and rich river valley soils. In 2007 the Upper Skeena Development Centre board took the initiative to purchase the site as the location for a sustainable agriculture resource centre.


Corn, Eggplant, Garlic, Huckleberries, Peppers


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