The Traceability Adoption Program Is Open

If you attended our recent Simply Sheep seminar series hosted by Roma Tingle, you will have learned how Roma was able to purchase weigh scales for her farm through this program. Now Roma has kindly let us know that the program is open once again! The application process is clearly laid out, but let us know if you would like assistance. We will gladly assist you with the application process.

– JIllian Merrick

Funding applications are for the Tracebaility Adoption Program, and up to 75% cost-share funding is available!

Traceability/product tracing is the ability to follow the movement of an agri-food or seafood product through specified stage(s) of production, processing and distribution. It can be limited to critical points along the supply chain (e.g. livestock), or be “full-chain” from farm to fork (e.g. meat and fresh produce).

The objective of the Traceability Adoption Program (TAP) is to have increased implementation of facility-based traceability systems across the agri-food chain in primary and secondary agri-food  and seafood production sectors.

Success of the program will be measured by the number of on-farm and post-farm businesses having implemented traceability initiatives, by commodity or industry groups (as per the North American Industry Classification System).

The TAP will assist producers/farmers, food processors and agri-food businesses by assisting with specific costs relating to the purchase and installation of traceability infrastructure, and the training of staff to implement traceability systems for plants, animals and agri-food products.

What you need to do:
Step 1:
Complete Traceability Self-Assessment Questionnaire either online (will be emailed to ARDCorp when an account is made) or print and submit the PDF form below and submit with application.
Step 2:
Review the Program Guide and complete the TA Program Application form including all the supplemental documents, background information on your operation and a detailed overview of the required equipment and tasks to improve traceability on your farm or plant.
Step 3:
Submit complete application package to ARDCorp for approval via fax, email or mail.
Step 4:
Upon approval, complete your traceability improvement projects as outlined in your application including any additional modifications noted in your approval letter from the program.
Step 5:
Submit your claim, including copies of paid invoices (receipts), a summary of project completion and proof of achieved traceability for processing and reimbursement of funds
Financial Incentive
  • Cost sharing: 50% to 75%
  • Cap: $15,000

For more info visit the website: