Northwest Premium Meat Co-op

Operating in Telkwa, BC, the Northwest Premium Meat Co-op’s (NPMC) vision is to supply healthy, locally raised, quality meat products to the communities throughout the Northwest. The NWPM abattoir allows northwest producers to have their livestock slaughtered locally and in compliance with provincial meat inspection regulations. The Co-op is supported by 230 members consisting of farmers, ranchers and consumers in the Northwest from Terrace to Vanderhoof.

One of the main strengths of the NWPM producers is that they are keen to supply the local market, rather than risk low

commodity prices traditionally fetched from shipping out to auction. Consumers in Northern BC are hungry for locally raised meats.

The Co-op has a new Analysis and Marketing Strategy and is currently re-positioning itself to take a more active role in the local supply chain by providing value added services.  These value added services will in turn strengthen existing value chains and create opportunities for their producer and processor members to form new value chains.

Northwest Premium Meats is seeking like-minded partners who share local sustainability policies to participate in procuring local meat products for northern industrial camps.

The Co-op will facilitate the links between producers, processors and end users; these initiatives will help grow their members’ businesses by connecting them with large volume customers.

This model will enable the Co-op to have more influence on the long-term health and sustainability of the local meat sector while also increasing use of the facility to sustain its’ own operations.

For more information on the NWPM value chain please contact the board of directors.

Board of Directors:

Paul Davidson: 250-643-2140

Tenley Dahlie: 250-847-5046

For more information on slaughter dates contact Manager Manfred Wittwer 250-846-5168